Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's See Where This Goes-

It has been prescribed that for every breakup of a relationship, you need double that amount of time to heal.

Three months of sixteen and I keep telling people, "yea, I just got off of tour". 

My heart aches not being onstage in a show I love everyday.  Yes, I am working on other projects.  Yes, I keep in contact with most all the Idiots.  Yes, I like having DVR. 

Thank goodness, I didn't take a day for granted while touring the country.  Carpe fucking diem'ed. 


This week.  I'm working on three major projects for me.  And if you couldn't already tell, I'm sleepless and trying to lull myself to sleep with Red Label. 


And I'm smiling.  Because, I love the theater.  And I love the theater with theater professionals with an attitude of "can do".  Because at the end of the day- well, what else is more rewarding?

I've been recently feeling as if I needed something else.  Something that wasn't so volatile as being an artist for a living.  I wanted more control.  I wanted more money.  I wanted more stability.

NEWS FLASH:  Stability doesn't exist, y'all!!!

But love does.  If you do what you love and treat others with respect while you're doing it-  you only attract more of what you project. 

Take what you want from this.  It's full of generalizations.  But generally what I'm saying is- everything is worth it.  And when it drives you to tears, you can thank God that something still can.