Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 69: Boston, Birthday, and Boys (oddly appropriate day number)

Just kidding about the boys  (or maybe not...).  I just thought alliterations are more fun in three's.  That is unless you count the beautiful boys in American Idiot of whom I adore them all individually (and apparently all of Boston's reviews)  Regardless of birthday festivities, I had to go to work and hit the grind ;-)
Can I begin to tell you what a gift it is to perform on your birthday?!  I guess as I am blogging, I already have.... 

Well, it is.  It's a special day on stage and to realize that I am a year older and traveling on tour with such an incredible show.  The best fucking show actually.  There's not another show I'd rather be a part of.  It is a blessing.  A St. Jimmy and/or J.O.S. type blessing.  The best kind of blessing then! 

This is also the first city that I feel like we finally have a schedule where we can explore.  Boston greeted us with the best weather (scary weather for warming exists!!)  and we have done all the fun things.  Quincy Market and James Hook and Co.  I feel like I have single-handedly demolished the Lobster population in New England.

As I didn't post much about Detroit, I have to say, that is where I met my PERSONAL FANCLUB.  Whom I adore.  They have been nothing but sweet and the gifts have been pouring in.  They know my love of glitter.....  My heart was pounding like drum to meet them....

I never thought of myself as fan worthy.  So I'm just going to pretend like I'm their fan!

It has been a truly AMAZING week..... so Birthday pics  GO! 

Boston Opera House.  Amazing Marquee!!!

Most Thoughtful Gift from Vince Oddo, My Hero!!!

One of the many artworks I received from my favorite Twidiots in Detroit!!! I sent it home with Mama Moon Loh so I can keep it forever!!!

Beautiful Artwork by the beautiful Ran Xia.  The bottom left is me with the YELLOW Mohawk!!


  1. We loved spending time with you here in Detroit!! Hope to see you at least once more on tour!! Ran's picture is so cool isn't it? I am totally ordering one from her!

  2. Ekk! We love you cause you're amazing! :) Also, Ran is super sweet! I love her work and I was lucky enough to get to meet her in NY when I was up there one time. I told you this show brings people together. :)