Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 80: A WEEKend in the Country

We have arrived in Chicago and I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to open this show in a new city every couple of weeks.  Let it be known that I have already had my taste of deep dish pizza and well, as life long New Yorker.....I must concede that it is delicious.  (I didn't say better, just delicious)

More about Chicago later as we have two weeks that have only just begun.

Okay....what's in RALEIGH?!  I have to be honest that I didn't think that Raleigh could hold a candle to the amazing week I had in Boston.  I am a CITY BOY.  I am a NORTHERN BOY.  I am a pretentious NEW YORK BOY.  .......  I was humbled by the beauty that is the South.

Everyone in North Carolina was more than nice.  Hospitable.  Warm.

I got to spend a great day driving out to Louisburg to visit Jen Bowles' family and we pretty much decimated every biscuit in sight.  OMG....Backfat Biscuits were created by the devil.   You need to google that shit.....

Our last day we happened to have two show on Superbowl Sunday.  We were prepared by the company that we would most likely see a smaller audience for the evening performance.  They were right.  It wasn't our biggest audience but they were by far the most supportive.  Those audience members wanted to BE THERE.  And we were happy to share the American Idiot experience with them.  For those to choose to not be part of national holiday that is football mania to come see our little play..... well, that's why I do it.

I don't like horses typically.  Except this one.  He was soft.....

President of the Taco Club.  Ironic huh?

The Memorial Auditorium.  I felt like I was supposed to quote scripture when I first saw it.

Don't think I didn't notice the handpicked messages on the sauce packages!  Thanks Cara and Amanda!!!

I thought they were actual grenades.  So I threw one at Matt DeAngelis' head

Fresh New Haircut.  Says "I'm going to cut you." 

Chanelling Billie Joe for this awesome Raleigh street art.  


  1. You should have seen the workers looking at me like I was crazy as I picked through the packets reading each one. :P But they had to be perfect. LOL
    Also, poor Matt. I hope he ate the cupcake you threw at his head.

  2. Cara said I looked like Martha Stewart in the middle of a meltdown when I was trying to make your taco perfect...u deserve every good thing as you are one of the funniest kindest most generous people I have the pleasure of knowing oh and did I mention talented? Also I have to figure out how to photoshop the stink faces the other people at stage door are giving us in my pictures. They were jealous that we got all your attention. Thanks again so much for everything ;D

  3. I loved the Memorial Auditorium! (I'm from MA but had a college visit in NC the week you were there... So I saw the show twice in one week, two different cities!) I'm used to the Opera House so I thought it was cool to see how modern the Memorial was.