Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Citizens of North Carolina

Dear Citizens of North Carolina Who Voted "Yes, on Amendment One",

I expect that you have received many letters of hate from members of my community.  I expect that you have prepared to stand even more firmly on the grounds of your faith and beliefs in marriage being between one man and one woman.  I expect you have already learned to tolerate the jokes of being able to marry your own cousin but not if he/she is of the same sex.  

I expect that you think this letter will be more of the same.

Know that this letter finds you with love.  Because as a member of my community, I do not judge you for how you choose to conduct your lives.  I do not propose to prevent you from worshipping to whomever and wherever you please.  I do not wish you any harm and/or preventing you from living the great American dream.  

But I must inform you:  Your passing of your state's Amendment One is truly the definition of Un-American.  The standing First Amendment of OUR country states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."   Call me presumptive, but this most recent legislation is the product of religious influence however it may inform your political leanings.

Notice I don't use the words "religious-hate-mongering-anything" because in order for me to continue to love the country, I must believe that you have enough love in your hearts to hear this message:

Marriage Equality is not an issue of morality.  It is not an issue of the definition of "marriage".  It is not an issue of my God versus your God.  But rather, it is an issue of Love.    

Love in the sense that if two people choose to care for one another, that they should be able to see it through in life and death, in sickness and health.  Love in the idea that the government should provide for every couple as equals, as we are all financially responsible to our country as equal taxpayers.  Love in the belief that we have the freedom to live our own lives as long as it does not infringe upon the same freedom for others.  

Our forefathers have asked up to separate our religious beliefs from our political beliefs since our country's birth.  I don't know why for sure.  Perhaps it is because most of earliest settlements were to escape religious persecution.  Perhaps they knew that it would spawn battles like this over Marriage Equality and deter us from focusing on more important issues that plague our country:  Education reform, Unemployment, why my father has to nag me about the $4 per gallon of gas I use in his car, etc.

You may think our President is an asshole.  But what is noble about President Obama is that his beliefs, in the past, weren't settled on same-sex marriage.  His ideas about it were ever "evolving".  His current support of Marriage Equality is an example of growth.  This was not his best political move to finally support the initiative but what makes our President great here is that he spoke from his heart.  And who is to say that as a Christian, President Obama actually believes homosexuality is right or wrong;  but as a gatekeeper to policy, he fairly knows that his religious beliefs has no bearing on his actions in office.

Because he too is a member of my community.  My community encompasses the passionate Americans who believe that LOVE is what should guide our actions day to day.  My community encompasses those who believe that if we encounter things we do not understand, if we approach them with LOVE and an open heart, that that is the greatest source of learning.  My community encompasses me, the rest of the country, including those who would have voted "yes" on NC's Amendment One because as human beings, I insist, we all have the ability to LOVE one another as "thy neighbor."

And if you scoff at my touting of the word "Love" from paragraph to paragraph- ask of yourself, "Why is love so offensive to you?"   

Before you think of me as another ineffective liberal cry baby who wishes to open the gates to murderers, rapist, molesters and the sort  (look, I made the comparison here).... know this:

I will stand at the front lines to join you in protest of those requesting consent of sex with a child, a dog, a cow, a hippo.

But will you stand with me, just so I can stand with my dying lover when the time comes?  

Do the right thing.  Examine in with your own hearts to ask:  What do you stand to lose by allowing yourself and others to love freely?

In truth, I don't believe in complete separation of church and state.  The teachings of any good Christian home will demonstrate the power that Love can have on a growing family.  Now imagine the power that Love can have on a growing nation.  

Kelvin Moon Loh 

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  1. I couldn't have said it any better. Well done.