Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DAY 2: On A Clear Day... (you can see your cellulite melt)

Steven Hoggett is no joke.  More sprinting.....and then chest and arms.  I am reduced to a bowl of jello.  I guess it's only up from here and I'm enjoying the physical challenge that AI is providing.  Really exciting news is that the choreo we improvised yesterday will most likely be incorporated as our choreo for (I believe?) "She's a Rebel".  I knew already, but it is reconfirmed, that this show will be completely artistically fulfilling to be a part of.

Not a whole lot more to report except that we were generously invited by our producers to see On A Clear Day on the Broadway starring Harry Connick Jr.  It's a really beautiful production with a stellar new book with dynamic honest performances.  There is a new gender/sexuality story created for this revival and I think exploration of this altered incarnation will provide a more provocative and poignant dialogue amongst contemporary audiences.  The classics songs and their new orchestrations are amazing and the highlight for me!....still a music nerd. 

 Hellooooo Nurse! .... I mean Doctor.
A lot of the cast members went and it felt like it was one of the first "family outtings".   Michael stopped up to the mezzanine to say "hi" during intermission and someone commented how surreal it was to be talking to the director of this major new Broadway musical while rehearsing another of his pieces.  Surreal it is!

Tomorrow we're staging the top of the show through "American Idiot".  Crazy right?  We're moving fast, because, well.... these people are amazeballs.  Yup, I said it.  Amazeballs. 

PS. Not expecting to blog everyday but it's what you do when you are a soft insomniac.

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