Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day Negative 7: Hello Mickey Mouse vs. Harry Potter

In preparation for 6 months on tour, I decided to treat myself to a little vacation to Orlando with my BFFie, Nikki MacCallum (of VH1's Why Am I Single fame).

The new Hilton Parc Soleil (thanks Dad!) is pretty posh but we drop the F-Bomb entirely too much in this family establishment.  We are in fact legit profresh drunks/cheapskates as we went to the liquor store, made our own tropical drinks with little umbrellas and all to sunbathe.  Highlight of the day was getting 2nd place in the poolside newlywed game.  We beat couple married over 25 years....suckers....

Start rehearsal in exactly a week and it's all I'm thinking about.  I always look forward to starting a new project but American Idiot.... let's just say I'm really excited. 

A little fun fact:  My college pocket-change-making-job was an usher for Broadway shows with the Jujamcyn organization.  I, in fact, was an usher for American Idiot when it was playing at the St. James.  Sitting and watching this amazing production, I said, "I will be in this show". 

Alas, I could not be more grateful or honored.  Tomorrow as a worthwhile distraction.... Harry Potter world.  Upon entering the park, I will have a cloak and a wand to galavant with in about 3.5 seconds.  "Accio Amazeballs Time!"

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