Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 5: Morning Routine (and musings...)

I am not one for routines.  I hate them.  But this show has forced me into one and perhaps I'll enjoy being a morning person......  NOT!

But here it is nonetheless what my new Idiot Morning feels like:

-8am Alarm.  I swear at my Iphone
-8:09 snooze re-alarm.  I crack open my eyes still swearing.
-8:18 I finally turn off the alarm.  I stare at my Iphone and check my email.  All spam between last night and now.
-8:30 I stare at the ceiling and assess what part of my body hurts.  Answer?  All of it.
-8:35 I steal cup of my roommate's coffee, water it down so I can drink it faster.
-8:40 I shower.  I stare at the tile and grout.
-8:50 I blowdry my hair til it stands straight up/get dressed in the dark.

All the while, listening to the AI album trying to sing the harmonies and not the melody like I have for years!!! 

But the point of this blog was not to vent about mornings but my thoughts on why, I now know, the show meant so much to me when I first saw it.  In working with Steven and Lorin, I realized that the show becomes highly personal in it's development of movement. 

For the fans of the Broadway version,  be prepared-  a lot of the choreo will be different.  It's not for economy sake but because each move has a story, a story that has been created by this new tour cast as an ensemble.  As an actor, this is an amazing gift.  (Nicci's blog has the girls story down, so perhaps I'll report for the boys)  While the girls were doing a little Letterbomb, the boys went to learn Boulevard. 

I remember this number in particular.  It's the first time the world of American Idiot slows down, a new city that is infinite.  In the choreo, each hand movement was crafted by us as ndividuals to represent a moment of loneliness.  Let me tell you-  It goes there.  The movement never becomes mundane when it's attached to some very real roots. 

Just a morning musing.  So my morning routines continues:

-9:00am:  I slam down a cup of orange juice and a multi-vitamin
-9:05am:  I leave my apartment, elated because it's to go to work!

Have a great day, peeps!

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  1. The fact that a lot of the choreography has changed both scares me and make me curious. I saw the show 6 times on Broadway. Not much compared to some people, but considering I live over 14 hours away from NYC, I think I did well. I do think the story is the most important part though. The choreography was amazing, but the songs and the stories are what really touched me every time I saw it.
    My best friend and I have tickets to see it in Michigan in January. Also about 12 hours away from where I live. We're counting down the days. Sometimes I miss that show so much I physically ache.
    I look forward to seeing the changes and seeing the new stories.